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Q. What does Mill Wright Export do?
Q. Which vehicles can go to the port as Ro-Ro?
Q. How can I deliver my items to your location so you can load it in the container?
Q. Do you go straight to the ship and load my goods?
Q. What if I’ve got some break bulk or heavy lift shipping needs?
Q. How about oversized equipment like yachts, factory machinery, and barges?
Q. Will my cargo be protected once it arrives at the warehouse?
Q. How do you ship vehicles?
Q. What if I want my boat shipped inside a metal cargo container?
Q. Can I request my freight to be loaded a certain way?
Q. Do I have to keep track of the entire shipping procedure?
Q. Is it possible to see my belongings before they're placed in the container?

About Insurance

quality insurance servicesBe stress-free
That’s what Mill Wright Export helps you achieve when transporting your priceless items overseas. We do this by helping you develop the right shipment insurance plan that provides adequate coverage and peace of mind.

You want affordable protection
We understand that. With years of experience, we realize how much coverage you’re going to need. And we know how to navigate the ever-changing legal waters when it comes to insuring your cargo load onto our vessels.

Confused about ocean freight insurance?
We know how you feel, and that’s why Mill Wright is here to help. Talk to our people and tell us what’s on your mind. Ask the kinds of shipment insurance questions people usually don’t want to ask.

Heave that sigh of relief
Because before the ship leaves the dock, you’ll be comforted knowing you’ve got a solid insurance policy in place to cushion any possible blows along the way.


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